Plant & Machinery with computerized Aided Design

Unnati has been manufacturing quality submersible motors for more than 45 years and the highly efficient submersible motors are among the very best on the market. The motors are based on state-of the art technology that comprises highly reliable shaft, seals and heavy duty thrust bearing. High efficiency and long operating life ensure low, long term cost of ownership.

The pumpsets are manufactured by adopting latest technology using SPM & CNC machine under the strict supervision of qualified and experienced engineers to maintain the quality and performance of our pumpsets. The Company also has facility of ultra-modern Testing & Inspection instruments.

The company has installed Auto-welding Machine, Auto Hydraulic Pneumatic and Assembly unit, and Computerized printing and marking machines for name-plates & pump-motor components. CAD is used for designing of all critical components, impeller and electrical motor to achieve optimum performance. Unit has also R&D facilities to study and analyses the products for continual improvement & up gradation of quality, efficiency and performance of pumpsets.

The company has electra-magnetic flow-meter in their computerized testing laboratory which provide unique facility of testing for Head v/s Discharge and overall efficiency at various position and plotting of performance-curve thus minimizing the human error and making the test-report more authentic and reliable.

These motors are available in 3” 4” 6” 8” and 10” ranging from 0.5hp to 100hp.


From time to time, the company communicates with thousand of prospective customers (dealing in pipes, winding wire, cable, fertilizer, pesticides, electrician, seed seller, plumber, mechanic, borer, etc) on its product latest development though CMS mailing informative, attractive colorful letters, brochures & leaflets.

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