Our Sister concern manufacturing and supply Polyester–Polypropylene insulates Submersible Winding wires is unique and different from any other available brand in the market, available in various suitable sizes.

The Polyester and polypropylene insulated Winding Wire for the Submersible motor is manufactured in various sizes as per IS-8783(Part-4 Sec.3) 1995 in our well equipped factory having latest manufacturing and test facilities using high purity E.C. Grade annealed copper conductor and superior insulation Films having high dielectric strength.

The wire is having excellent mechanical strength to prevent any damage during its insertion in the slots.

It provides more nos. of the turns of the same conductor size due to its lower thickness of insulation as compared to PVC insulated Wire. Thus it is more suitable for low voltage and higher motor rating winding data.

The winding wire is manufactured from Virgin raw material without compromising with the Quality. That is why our winding wire is first preference of reputed O.E.Ms.

Product range :- 0.4 mm to 2.0mm Diameter

Special Features :

  • Made from EC Grade bright annealed copper wire
  • Controlled diameter and insulated thickness to provide more number of turns
  • Most suitable for Low Voltage conditions
  • Higher IR Value
  • Retain electrical properties even at higher temperature
  • High mechanical strength to prevent damage during slot insertion
  • Can withstand any sudden surge current and voltage And many more

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