Most modern and highly sophisticated machinery and technology are employed in the manufacture of self priming monoblocks using quality raw material, dynamically balanced impellers, seals and bearing to ensure for long life. Dynamically balance rotor ensures vibration and noise free operations.

The varnish impregnated winding made of enameled copper wire offer excellent resistance. Shaft is made of quality steel, precision ground of ample size for transmitting the rated H.P.

Testing :- Each domestics monoblock pumpsets undergoes rigorous testing for power inputs, water discharge, total need & efficiency. All components of products are undergone high quality and trough endurance test.

Unique Feature

  • 0.5 HP to 1.25 HP Single Phase
  • Light weight portable
  • Gunmetal impeller for smooth operation
  • Enclosed fan cooled AC induction motor
  • Monoblock bodies are made by high quality extruded aluminum body.
  • Non-Return valves are fitted in NRV self priming pumps. So no need of foot valves.
  • Noise less & low voltage operation
  • TOP fitted

Application :

  • Bungalows/Flats
  • Cable
  • Hospitals
  • Garden
  • Small Farm house
  • Garages
  • Construction-site
  • Industries and many more

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